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This project pursues to develop a digital platform that will capture and manage the data extracted from the parameters to be monitored, with the objective of reducing the impact of some hydraulic pitch system failure modes on the wind turbine’s design load cases Cluster Energía - Basque Energy Cluster
S. Vicente, 8. Edificio Albia II, 4ª plta B. Dcha.
48001 Bilbao (Bizkaia)

Basque energy Cluster is an association formed by the leading companies in the value chain of the energy sector, agents in the Basque scientific-technological field and public administration bodies with responsibilities in the energy area.

In DOCC- OFF project it will develop dissemination activities of the project aimed at both the general public and specifically the offshore sector through various channels, in order to maximize the impact of the results and to favor the competitive positioning of the consortium members. XABET Juan Fermín Gilisagasti, 2
20018 San Sebastian (Guipuzkoa)

Xabet is a data analysis company for making the smartest decisions. They work to turn challenges of the digital transformation into business opportunities, guiding companies towards the digital solutions that will strengthen their competitive advantage in the future.

Xabet has his own technology, X-Dwall platform, which can predict the future behavior of complex systems based on the operation and maintenance data generated in real time by these complex assets. In this way, the productivity of the machines is improved, the life cycle of the asset is extended and most important of all, knowledge is generated around the asset with high added value. Hine group 9Pol. Ind. Altune nº 6010, Pab. 7
20212 Olaberria (Guipuzkoa)

Founded in 1974, Hine is a leading supplier of hydraulic systems, hydraulic components, and cooling systems for industrial and renewable energy companies. The company’s in-house engineering team, extensive R&D portfolio, and global manufacturing capabilities deliver competitive hydraulic solutions to customers worldwide. Seven production sites—in China, Spain, U.S., Brazil, and India—enable fast, reliable solution delivery so clients can accelerate project readiness. From production through post-sales support, Hine Group provides a comprehensive package of hydraulic products and services designed to give our customers a rapid response and outstanding service. | Sirris - Driving industry by technology Gaston Geenslaan 8
B3001 Heverlee (Leuven)

Sirris is a Belgian based research and technology centre covering multi-disciplinary research, development an innovation projects in many industry fields. Since 2010 Sirris became active in the field of industrial wind energy research and development. Through the OWI-Lab initiative high tech test infrastructure – and measurement systems have been set-up to support RD&I projects in the onshore – and offshore wind energy sector. Through technology expertise & infrastructure, innovation support services and international collaboration Sirris/OWI-Lab supports the EU wind energy sector to keep our leading role in this worldwide growing industry.


Project management and coordination


Digital technologies specification and development


Digital platform validation and demonstration


Dissemination and exploitation of results